What To Wear For An Engagement Photo Shoot

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Got that new bling on your left-hand ring finger?! Heck yeah! It’s time to show it off! Here at Monarch, we LOVE engagement photos. They are such a great way to get some amazing shots of not only your new ring but also capture your love with your new fiance! Another great reason to invest in an engagement photo shoot is to use them for your save the dates that we talked about at the end of February. But now… what to wear! We think it’s important to remember to stay true to your personal style while also remaining classic as you will have these pics to remember forever! Today we wanted to take a little deeper dive into the trickiest part of engagement photos, what to wear!


We personally feel like one of the first things that may come to mind when thinking about an engagement photo shoot with your honey is “matching.” Let’s all take a minute to rephrase that to “coordinating.” We feel that the pictures will look so much more authentic if you don’t overthink the matching. Another important piece to remember is where you are taking photos and what the background will be. For example, if you are doing outdoor photos think of all the textures and colors. Opt for a more simple look that will play nicely off the outdoor elements you are in. If you are shooting at an indoor studio with a simple background you can totally play with different colors and textures in your outfits.

Options & Personal Style

When picking out your outfits we think you can totally shop your own closets first! Some of your most classic pieces most likely live in your own closets. If you have agreed with your photographer on 2 different looks then think of one casual look and one more dressed-up look. We love seeing our handsome men in a button-up shirt and our lovely ladies in a cute dress or skirt. For the casual look, we feel like you can really let your personality shine. Think about your hobbies as a couple too. We love to see engagement photos that may have a different setting, maybe your favorite restaurant or bar, outside a stadium, or a music studio. For these casual spots think about jeans and a cute top. Keep in mind to not go too trendy. The same goes for a more dressed-up look. Remember to stick to something you won’t look back at years down the road and cringe. Simple is sometimes better!

Hair & Makeup

Once we have the perfect outfits picked out now it’s really time to get ready. For the ladies… hair, and makeup! Thinking about doing a makeup trial for the engagement photos? You totally could! Definitely communicate the locations and outfits to your makeup artist first so she can tailor the look with these things in mind. Opting to do your own makeup? We love to hear that and know you will look beautiful! For hair, we feel that it should be within your comfort zone and something that makes you feel good about yourself. If you are doing two different settings and outfits you can slightly switch up your hair by putting half of it up to change the look as well. Remember to be true to yourself with hair and makeup!

Overall, clearly, we LOVE engagement photos and everything they entail.

As part of your wedding planning team, we look forward to helping you find the perfect photographer for your engagement photos and wedding photos. We would love to partner with you on choosing settings, outfits, and hair and makeup. Reach out to us for more information and let’s capture your love!