Those wedding planning tasks you *thought* were going to be fun but ended up being a nightmare? They add up. 

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You’ve just finished cleaning the entire house. The floors are mopped and every surface sparkles and shines. You even lit a freakin’ candle. Joanna Gaines who? You don’t know her. But then the dog runs in from the muddy backyard and shakes dirt *everywhere*. In seconds, your house looks no better than when you started. 

Wedding planning can feel kinda like that - except the TV’s also blasting your least-favorite show, the pot on the stove is bubbling over, and your plumbing decided today was the day to act up. Oh, and the house is on fire. No big deal. We don’t want you to get to that moment where you look at yourself and say “is all of this work even going to be worth it?”

There is no dress rehearsal for wedding day. We’ll help you get it right. 

Picture this...

The transition from engagement bliss to in-the-trenches planning can feel like a slap in the face. 

We like to tell it how it is.

Need help with the aesthetics of your event? You can add our design collection onto your planning package, and we’ll take care of *everything.* Perfect for the couple who wants a first-class, crème de la crème wedding planning experience. 


Tell us your vision and we help make it a reality. We take care of all the logistics, and then make sure everything runs smoothly.  Perfect for the couple who know what they want, and need hands-on help to make it happen. 


Also called “Day-of Coordination.” We’ll handle the setup and wrap-up of all your wedding day details, and facilitate the events of the day.  Perfect for the couple who would like to plan the details but need a day-of director to run the show. 


Whew, that’s a complicated question, but we’re here to make it simple: Whatever you need us to. What does that mean? We’re not here to sell you our most expensive package if you don’t need it. Let’s break it down. There are 3 types of planning we can do for you:

What does a wedding planner do, anyway?

Dreading a specific part of planning but don’t need us for Partial or Full Planning? You can hire us by the hour to tackle the tasks that give you a headache. 

À-La-Carte Hours

somewhere inbetween?

- Corina

After having a consultation with Alexa I realized that there are so many things I did not even think about. If you are looking for a wedding planner you can stop here. I had no idea how many things you need to be aware of in planning a wedding. Alexa is very organized, detail-oriented, and knows exactly what questions to ask of you but also of the vendors. She will be able to save you $ overall and best, she will be able to save your sanity. Thank you Alexa for making my big day become reality!!!

I thought I cOULD handle everything on my own.

explore our collections

  • Email & telephone communication during office hours
  • Multiple check-in meetings
  • Communication with vendors
  • Venue walkthrough 
  • Custom planning portal
  • Timeline assistance 
  • Rehearsal, ceremony & reception coordination 

collection Includes:

Although we’re only with you on your wedding day, our preparation begins long before that. We’ll have an open line of communication and check in with you frequently in the months leading up to your day, so when it finally comes you won’t need to worry about a thing. 

Event Management

BEGINS AT $3,500

We’ll coordinate your rehearsal, ceremony, and reception so everything runs smoothly. Relax and enjoy your day! 

Wedding Day | Let’s Celebrate!

We’ll connect with all your vendors and wedding party and VIPs to ensure everyone knows the timeline and their role. You’ll also have access to your custom planning portal which houses all of the information we need to make your day happen as planned. 

05. 1 month out | Crunch Time

We’ll meet you at your venue to walk through the space and ensure the flow and design work seamlessly. We’ll also assist you with your timeline for the day of.

04. 2 months out | Venue Walkthrough

At this point, your lead planner will be assigned and you’ll have nailed down all the details so we can begin creating a day-of plan. 

03. 3 months out |  planning begins

We’ll meet to see where you’re at in your planning journey and answer any questions that have come up since we last hung out together. 

02. 6 months out | Check-In

We’ll meet to get to know each other better and to review our detailed planning guide. We walk you through each page so you have the tools you need to plan well. 

01. Onboarding | “First Date” Meeting

the timeline

  • Food & dessert tastings 
  • Timeline creation 
  • Hotel & transportation arrangements
  • Wedding website creation 
  • Planning consultation meetings 

  • Budgeting
  • Event design
  • Contract reviews
  • Venue scouting 
  • Vendor selection 
  • RSVP tracking 

Choose from our extensive list of services, including:

Everything included in our Event Management Collection, plus 20 hours of a-la-carte planning. Hire us by the hour to handle the tasks you can’t (or don’t want to) do! 

Partial Planning

BEGINS AT $6,750

Full Service Planning

BEGINS AT $8,500
  • Wedding weekend management
  • Budget creation, tracking & management
  • Vendor recommendations, scouting, and selection
  • Contract reviews for all vendors
  • Monthly wedding progress reports
  • Organization of files & information, including prepared checklists, spreadsheets, contracts, notes, and other files

Everything included in our Event Management Collection, plus step-by-step assistance planning. This is our white-glove package for couples who have a vision but aren’t sure how to bring it to life. We’ve got you covered! 

collection Includes:

  • Vendor research, review, and selection
  • Vendor payment management and scheduling
  • Six check-in meetings
  • Communication and organization of vendors throughout the planning process
  • Attendance at planning meetings with all vendors
  • Organization and management of guest accommodations and transportation
  • Etiquette support throughout the process, assisting you in managing tricky scenarios
  • Customized online planning portal for communication throughout the planning process

To make sure we treat you like the absolute royalty you are, we take on a limited number of weddings a year. 

[YOUR NAME HERE] has entered the chat. 

We treat every wedding like an A-list celebrity’s red carpet event. 

- Natalie

"Thank you Monarch Creative Events! Because of you and your team we were able to enjoy every moment of our day without worry! Best decision I made was hiring you!"

 I’m still receiving compliments on how beautiful and perfect everything was!

Money might not be able to buy you happiness, but it can buy you time, peace of mind, and a stress-free wedding day. Investing in the right places can actually help you save when all is said and done. Couples underestimate their budget by nearly 45%. And once you’ve gone over budget, it’s nearly impossible to get back on track. 

We’ve got the smarts and the skills to give you exactly what you want, within a reasonable budget. And we’ll have a ton of fun along the way! 

“Yeah, let me just find an extra 300 hours in my life to knock this out” - said no one ever. 

Who really  has time to plan a wedding? 

Meet THE PLANNING warriors

Neither do boring weddings. We’re all about sticking up for your own opinion and creating an event that makes you pinch yourself. 

Bad vibes don’t go with our outfits…

Find out what it feels like to be totally stress free with an army of planning pros at your side. 

Wait…wedding planning can actually be fun?

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