What would it feel like to have everything you want & not have to do the work to get there? Stick around and we’ll show you.




It’s time to stop the endless perusing of inspo boards and start planning your day, your way. If you’re here for the extraordinary (emphasis on extra) - count us in.

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You are not investing all this time and money to have a wedding that’s 

Isn’t it great?! And we want you to enjoy it. But we also want you to be prepared to hit the ground running when the “what ifs” turn into “to dos.” 

Trust us: the last thing you need in the weeks leading up to your wedding day is to be running around like a crazy person. Wedding planning is a marathon, not a sprint. And you don’t have time to train for a marathon. Luckily, we’re well-versed in playing the long game.

right now, you're probably in the "endless possibilities" phase of wedding planning.

Hey procrastiplanner! We see you. 

What would it feel like to have everything you want & not have to do the work to get there? Stick around and we’ll show you.

Literally the whole thing. I don’t even want to think about what paper to buy. Come to think of it, I don’t really have time to deliver it either. Can you just do everything?

I’ve got the shopping covered, but I need someone to style it perfectly. 

I bought the gift & wrapped it, I just need someone’s finger for the perfect bow! 


Pretend your wedding is a gift for your favorite person. Which ONE sounds like you? 

let's figure out what you need.


And no, we’re not talking symbolically: we’re talking cold hard cash, baby! 50% of couples go over their budget by an average of $7k. And the bigger your budget, the more that number grows.  Saving money and taking a ton of stress off your plate? To us, that’s a no-brainer.  

But chances are, not hiring a planner will cost you more than hiring one.

We know - hiring a wedding planner ain’t cheap.

how it works!

Fill out the form on our contact page to get started! We’ll meet to learn more about you and help you decide which of our services best fit your needs. 


After you’ve booked us for your big day, the planning begins! We’ll walk you through each step to ensure we have everything we need to make your day fantastic. 

02. PLAN

All that hard work pays off on your wedding day! Sit back and enjoy being with the love of your life - we’ll have everything taken care of for you. 

03. celebrate


- Elizabeth

I like to think I was a relatively lowkey bride, but I still don't know what I would've done without her and her team the day of the wedding. Alexa and her team are incredible! Through the entire process she was incredibly detail orientated, engaging, supportive, and personable! Seriously cannot say enough good things! I would without a doubt recommend Monarch Creative Events to anyone!

"having them there just made the day even more easy and seamless"

let's do it

we're happy to chat!


Nope! We’re happy to help you find the perfect venue for your day. You don’t even need to have your date yet! 

Do we have to have our venue before we hire you?  

I’m sorry…whose wedding day is this? We’ll whisk away unwanted opinions (sorry mom, this isn’t your day) so you can focus on getting exactly what YOU want. 

Can you help us facilitate family and friends’ opinions? 

Do your homework on time, please! It’s our job to make sure that everything is set for wedding day, but we can’t read your mind. Trust us, we don't just ask for things because we like paperwork. We can't possibly remember every tiny detail for your day, which is why we rely on our documents and the information you give us. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, reach out! We can help you work through details (or take them off your plate completely, if you make use of our A-la-carte hours!). 

What’s required from us to make your job easiest? 

In the wedding industry, you get what you pay for. So yeah, you can find plenty of vendors for less. But are you willing to chance less-than quality for a less-than price? You’re not just investing in planning services - you’re investing in confidence and peace of mind. 

We found a planner that will do this for a cheaper price. Why should I choose your business?

Well, no - it’s not required. You can totally have a wedding without one. But if you don’t hire a planner, who will be filling that role? Your mom’s best friend who doesn’t really know what goes into setting up a wedding?

Please, just don’t. If you wanna take on planning yourself, we hear you! But we highly suggest hiring a planner for event management (day-of coordination), so you can relax and enjoy your hard work!

Hiring a planner is expensive. Do I really need one? 


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