Critical Points in a Wedding Day Timeline

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Easily one of the most crucial pieces on your wedding day is the timeline. For some, this can be a dreaded task. Here at Monarch, we thrive off of a well-set schedule, as well as ensuring it is executed seamlessly. Your wedding day is full of so many moving parts and we take great pride in ensuring everyone is where they need to be on time! In our experience, we have noticed that sometimes everyone is having so much fun that they simply forget about a boring timeline. That is where we come into play to keep everything moving smoothly throughout the day! Keep reading for some tips on keeping your day hiccup free!

Beauty Timeline

The first step in the day is typically a bright and early start to make our lovely ladies gorgeous with hair and makeup. This is the first hefty portion of the day that needs to start and end on time to ensure smooth sailing! Hair and makeup should have its own detailed timeline to ensure everyone knows when they are up and for which service!

To make sure the hair and makeup timeline is executed we feel that it takes not only the bride and her bridesmaids, but also the hair and makeup teams. Everyone needs to be on the same page and stick to the plan. Trust us this will only keep the rest of the day moving as planned. One of our tips is to have the schedule printed for all of the hair and makeup team, and then one designated person to check in on everyone. We have seen the mother of the bride or groom handle this task very well with the ladies!

Ceremony & Post Ceremony Timeline

Starting the ceremony on time is another very important piece of the wedding day timeline. Even if people are coming in late, it’s important to quickly get them seated in the back and start the ceremony on time. Once again, it’s important that everyone is on the same page with this and sticks to the timeline. Depending on your wedding day situation there may not be a ton of time in between the ceremony and the reception. Typically photos need to happen after the ceremony as well. That time frame in between the ceremony and the reception may seem like a lot of time! But- once you factor in everything it will move along very quickly. So whatever it takes, get down that aisle on time!


We know that there are some great people who have prepared some *hopefully* great speeches about the happy couple. We do not want to cut them short! However, we just want them to stick to the timeline. Giving your speakers a general time frame to stick to will help keep the night moving as planned. There are many reasons for this even though to some it may seem like it’s time to party! We need to remember that there is typically an end time at the venue. Lets all keep in mind too that the longer we sit in our seats for the speeches, the less time we have on the dance floor! The perfect person to ensure the speeches go according to schedule is the DJ or Emcee.

Like we mentioned before, creating an effective wedding timeline can be a daunting task. Here at Monarch it is something we truly value because it means that with the proper planning and execution your big day will go off without a hitch. Which is what we do best! We aim for a beautiful smooth day with our couples at the forefront of it all. Reach out to us for more information, we can’t wait to work with you!