What to Expect from your Wedding Planner & Coordinator

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We will be the first to admit that we are “do it all girls”, the kind of people that take on a lot and handle it all. We love hustle and bustle and “owning” literally everything, in personal life and work life and everything in between. On the contrary we will also be the first ones to admit that on certain occasions, *cough cough* your wedding day, everyone can use an extra set of hands, eyes, smarts, and care throughout the whole wedding planning process. Let’s take a peek at some of the things to expect from us, your wedding fairy godmothers.

All the small things

One big behind the scenes thing you can expect from us is vendor communication. We manage and coordinate small and large details with them from the get go all the way down to the day of. Doing this takes so much stress and emails off our couple’s plate. Another thing that may be one of our favorite behind the scenes tasks is creating the master wedding timeline. This ensures literally everyone involved in the big day has a great look at all the moving parts of the day.

We ensure great collaboration between vendors specific timeline and ours as well. It is so important that we know when vendors are coming and going, what they have planned for the day, and how we can assist them in any way possible. There is so much more behind the scenes things our couples benefit from when they book with us. It all depends on the package you choose and what you want out of us as your planner/coordinator.

Decor, decor, decor. Our couple’s dream it up and we make it come to life. Us and our couples scour Pinterest and narrow down their absolute favorite inspiration and turn those pictures into a dream come true. All of this decor really adds up in the form of packed up boxes being dropped off the venue. Then, we take it all and get it where it needs to go in the most beautiful way! The decor fanatics inside us help us to be up on all the latest trends. We also spend time getting to know your vision and how we can best bring that to life. We truly take so much care in your decor as well, we know there are some items that are so cherished. Displaying things beautifully to represent what our couples want is so important to us.

What to expect during setup

Family Matters

Another thing to expect from us as your planners/coordinators is care and consideration of your bridal party, family and guests. This is definitely one of our favorite things that comes along with coordinating the wedding day. We LOVE getting to know the VIP’s: the parents of the couple, bridal party, grandparents, etc. And of course- the bride and groom who we’ve already gotten to know along the way. We do our best to make sure all the special people are well taken care of & have the best time! It makes us so happy to hear that everyone is enjoying the night and has everything they need. One fun thing to expect from us is to always be hydrated with your beverage of choice! Catch us always bringing our bride and groom their signature drink.

To wrap up…

As the night comes to an end you will also find us carefully tearing down all of the decor. We package everything up, just how our couple left it for us. This makes sure they can pick it up with ease. We ensure no family or friends have to lift a finger, & we truly treat everything as if it were our own. If having a stress free wedding day sounds like something you need in your life, reach out to us for more information!