A Wedding Day Timeline & Things To Keep In Mind

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On a scale of 1-10 how overwhelming is creating a wedding day timeline?! I’d say most people could probably sit at a solid 8 or 9. Cue the confetti! Timelines are one of our specialties! We know timelines can be so daunting. Creating a master timeline that includes every detail sounds crazy but trust us, its essential. There are some things to keep in mind when partnering with us in creating your timeline. Whether you’re a vendor or bride, we’ll mention a few things that can help or hinder a timeline’s execution.

Timeline Mapping

First things first, It is never too early to start mapping out the timeline. Some big key players and times we know with plenty of time ahead so getting those on there right away helps create a framework for the timeline. Items such as ceremony start time, cocktail hour times, reception start and end time. All of these huge important times are the first step. Now, along with these start times it’s important to remember all the pieces that need to be in place for these things to start when they are supposed to. We are talking everyone dressed and ready, food and drinks prepared, setup all complete for the guests. So this leads into our next point, let’s talk more details!

The fine details

We may look a little crazy with the amount of details we put into a wedding day timeline, but you will thank us when everything goes off without a hitch! Making sure people know when to have things completed by is a key point. Knowing when catering staff arrives and linens are placed ensures the florist knows when they can place centerpieces. Knowing hair & makeup schedules ensures we can get everyone gorgeous with enough time to get to the ceremony location. Making sure we have mapped out speeches and first dances keeps the night flowing with no awkward pauses. We don’t want the guests to wonder what is going on! In order to ensure that the timeline is followed correctly, all of this information is vital. Thanks to our trusty timeline software, Timeline Genius, we are able to seamlessly create a specific timeline for each couple. Check out the photo below to see just how organized it could be!

A wedding day timeline

A third and very important thing to remember is no matter how detailed our timelines may be, there is always room for a little flexibility. We know things come up and we have to allow for wiggle room. Sometimes catering doesn’t get every last meal out but 6:30 on the dot to start speeches and that’s ok. We are here for the movement and here to keep the flow no matter what. We ensure a good partnership with all vendors so that we can communicate any changes to manage the day just right. If a timeline sounds like a major stressor for you, reach out to us to find out how we can be your “day makers”.