Ways to Make Your Wedding Instagrammable

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We all have a vision in our head of our big day, that one perfect picture that will make people swoon. Instagram is one of the top sources of wedding inspiration, so it makes sense you’d want to share your big day and all of your amazing vendors. But, what makes up an Instagrammable wedding? Is it about following the trends or doing something completely unique?

While an Insta-worthy aesthetic is achievable, make sure it doesn’t get in the way of your personal preferences and the wedding you’ve always envisioned. The most important thing is that your wedding feels like it belongs solely to you! Take a look at these strategies for putting together a wedding that will have everyone snapping #selfies all night long.

Set Up Picture-Perfect Weddings

Your wedding guests will want optimal lighting for their photos, so give it to them! If they take amazing photos, they’ll get to see more engagement on their content. Giving attendees more opportunities for perfect shots entices them to create stunning Instagram posts. This ultimately will lead back to you and your vendors! When setting up your wedding, create a wide variety of backdrops for impromptu photoshoots. Your guests will love the options, which may range from scenic views to fairytale-like scenes. Complement these backdrops with coordinating decor where appropriate. Check out our Instagram to see examples of picture perfect weddings we have executed!

Share Your Event’s Instagrammable Hashtag

Encourage Instagram posts and shares by highlighting your event’s hashtag. Print it on invitations, place cards, event schedules, and keepsakes. Each time guests share pictures from your event, they’ll be able to use the same hashtag. Set up a live feed on a projection screen to show off all the pictures people are sharing during the event. That way, guests receive immediate credit and instant gratification!

Finding ways to make your wedding Instagrammable starts with planning for picture-perfect shots. Once you accomplish that, it’s all about setting up props and backdrops to keep cameras flashing! Monarch Creative Events has some great Instagrammable pieces up our sleeves already and would love to work with you on making your big day picture perfect! Email us or checkout our website for more information!