Ways to Make your Chicago Suburb Wedding Romantic

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One of the main buzzwords we hear in the wedding industry is “romantic.” It is a vibe, a feeling, a look, and many other things. We happen to love the romance. As we kick off February we wanted to talk about some things that can make your wedding feel the love!

Wedding flower arch

Using Candles

One thing that probably comes to mind right off the bat is candles. Candles can be incorporated in many different ways and truly anywhere you want them. For many brides who want to accomplish the romantic vibe, candles get that point across! They look great in groupings, they look great in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to picking out candles that will last all night and still look beautiful, opt for a candle with the longest burn time. Especially for the long taper candles. Check out votive candles with a longer burn time as well. Ensuring your candles last all night will secure those romantic vibes.

Using Flowers

A second way to show some romance at your wedding is floral! One example of this is a floral piece used behind the couple during the ceremony. Then moving that element to where the couple is seated for the reception. A floral arrangement or arch really showcases the couple and their love throughout the wedding.

Wedding candles

Sweetheart Table Anyone

Now, speaking of showcasing the couple and accomplishing the romantic aesthetic another fun way to do this is using a sweetheart table. This is where the couple sits alone together during the dinner portion of the reception. This is a great way for the couple to spend a little bit of quality time together during a day full of being with so many people! It is so romantic to look up during dinner and see the lovely couple enjoying this time and slowing down a little bit to relish in the day.

Have We Convinced You to Have a Romantic Wedding?

So, now that you are convinced you to need a romantic wedding, call your planner and get to planning. If you don’t have a planner, we’d be happy to help! You can browse our wedding packages or explore the wedding experience on our website. Planning a wedding has countless details, when you work with our team, we make sure every detail is thought through.