3 Reasons You Need an Outdoor Wedding Backup Plan

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Living in the Midwest, you know the weather is unpredictable! We had snowfall in April last year. If you are going to have an outdoor ceremony, you have to have a backup plan. You and your planner should discuss a backup plan before your wedding day, to ensure your wedding is still what you imagined it would be. Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This is definitely the case if you fail to plan for an outdoor ceremony in the Chicago Suburbs. Read on for my best three outdoor wedding backup plan ideas to make sure your big day goes off without a hitch.

Have a Plan

So many people think, “I’m getting married in July, I don’t need a backup plan.” Then on the day of their wedding, it hits record-high temperatures and it is unsafe to be outside for your ceremony and cocktail hour. What would you do if someone at the wedding party passes out from a heat stroke? Depending on your budget, you could order fans and misting machines to place in the outdoor space. Unless your planner has these items on hand, it will be difficult for them to acquire these items on your wedding day.

Agree on a final call time

If the weather calls for rain all week and your plan was to have an outdoor wedding, it will be crucial to have an agreed-on time when your planner initiates the backup plan. This will ensure that you and your fiancé don’t have to worry and stress about the change of plans. Your planner will take care of it and all you have to do is walk down that aisle.

“I had no idea how many things you need to be aware of when planning a wedding. Our wedding was only 50 people, so I thought I could handle it on my own. After having a conversation with Monarch Creative Events, I realized that there are so many things I did not even think about.”

– Corina & Kenny

Love both plans!

You can’t control the weather, so take a breath, and love your indoor and outdoor wedding plans. Our team ensures that your wedding vision is executed in both plans. We work with your venue and vendors to ensure they are aware of both plans and are able to make the switch if needed.

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Remember step two, agree on a final call time. This is extremely important when working with your vendors. Your DJ knows how long it will take to set up his equipment, if your call time is an hour before the ceremony, you might not have music ready in time.

Have We Convinced You to Have a Wedding Backup Plan?

So, now that you are convinced you to need an outdoor wedding backup plan, call your planner and get to planning. If you don’t have a planner, we’d be happy to help! You can browse our wedding packages or explore the wedding experience on our website. Planning a wedding has countless details, when you work with our team, we make sure every detail is thought through.